Pre-painted galvalume(ppgl)

Date:2017/7/31 16:23:14

PPGL refers to Pre-Painted Galvalume, so-called color galvalume.
Moreover, Pre-Painted Galvanized (PPGL) is also provided. It is so-called as color galvanized

Pre-Painted Galvalume is made of color coating line

PPGL is generally used for the civil and industrial engineering industry (such as roofing plate, partitions, ceiling partition, rolling door, etc.) or industrial power (such as house, cover of electrical equipment, etc.) and interior decoration.

Pre-Painted Galvalume is produced from the color coating line Input sheets are put into flushing, pickling phases and coated with an additives to enhance the adhesives, then, it is covered with the primer before it is officially painted and dried.

GL is originated from the galvalume line.

The painting layer enhances the sheets weather shield resistance and aesthetics.

Technical parameters pre painted galvalume steel coil


Diversified color

Base metal

Galvalume steel sheet is complied with the standards, namely JIS G3321:2010 (Japan); BS EN 10346:2009 (Europe); AS 1397:2011 (Australia); ASTM A792/A792M-10 (USA).

Paint layer


Top paint layer

5m C 25m.

Top primer coating

3m C 10m.

Back painting

3m C 15m.

Back primer coating

3m C 10m

Pencil hardness


MEK test

Top side 100 DR. Back side 70 DR.

Impact test

500 x 500 mm: Without peeling


3 T



Salt spray test

Top side: After 500 hours, acceptable, back side: After 200 hours, acceptable

Yield strength

270 MPa (N/mm2)

Coil weight

Max. 10 tons

Internal diameter

508 mm

Color coating technology Pre painted galvalume steel coil

Diagram of color coating Process

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